Helping Hurts

Andrew Pennebaker 13 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Dona Arshita 9 jaar geleden 4
In some browsers (e.g. Chrome), it's really hard to get the direct URL of submitted Imgur images.

Intuitively, I should be able to click in the text field containing the direct URL, highlight it, and either right-click and select Copy or press Control-C, Alt-C, or Command-C, depending on the operating system.

Imgur tries to help by automatically highlighting and copying the URL to the clipboard when a user clicks the text field. However, when some browsers evaluate the JavaScript code that does this, they fail to actually copy the URL to the clipboard. Since this fails silently, users may end up pasting the wrong URL somewhere else. The original URL can be irretrievably lost.

The automatic highlighting and copying prevents users from manually copying the URL. This hurts Chrome users among others. Worse, this behavior punishes users for their assumption that Imgur works like any other HTML page.

Web 2 is fine, but a Web 2 page should gracefully downgrade to Web 1 behavior. That's a practical example, here's the theory.

Apple Human Interface Guidelines

P.S. The "Sign in with" pop-ups for submitting feedback don't always work in Chrome.
I have never faced issues copying codes from the auto select text boxes in Chrome or for that matter in any other browser I use. And I have uploaded on Imgur using Opera/IE/Firefox. 

What I do is simply hover the cursor over the code I want to copy and press Control-C. 
The natural user behavior is to click just inside and to the left of the box, then drag along to the right to highlight the link. This nearly always fails for me.

Google Chrome 11.0.696.68
When I click in a text box, I expect a cursor which I can use to select the text, then copy and paste. Right now this is not the behavior of imgur. Right now imgur briefly highlights and then un-highlights the text. It forces me to click the stupid button to the left of the text I want to copy in order to have it 'help' me copy it.

Imgur has broken the contract between me, my computer, and the apps I use. This change alone is driving me away from the service.