IP Banning users with multiple accounts

Miss Rae 11 years ago updated by salahudin 9 years ago 1

Lately the User Submitted forum and been more r/gonewild than anything else. I've noticed in the last few weeks that people are creating new accounts to spam the gallery with NSFW and other extremely graphic content. In just the past week I've seen nude images of 3 women get posted by their ex-boyfriends, I've seen a 40-something year old woman post a "masturbation" album with pictures including closeups of her "lady bits", and I've seen another user upload images of extremely disturbing bestiality porn. People are doing this for one reason: They can create throwaway accounts to spam the gallery then go back to their main account and don't have to worry about facing any consequences for their actions.

In my opinion, people who do things like this should be IP banned to keep them from further disrupting the community with these types of images.