Images Compressed (I have Pro account)

Brian Oliver 13 years ago updated by Alan Schaaf (Founder) 11 years ago 4

I sent an e-mail to IMGUR via the contact form but figure I could post the same question here. I just upgraded to Pro but the images I'm uploading are still getting compressed even after going into my settings and checking the box for "Upload images in high quality."

So for example, an image I uploaded that was 950kb would get compressed to 250-300kb. Is there anything that I'm missing? Does it take time for the system to adjust when going Pro?
Also, when uploading a PNG image, it automatically converted to JPG, so I must be missing a setting somewhere. Any help would be appreciated.

Issue has been resolved.

Hi there

I have encountered the same question.When i export the image ,it always be compressed.

I have download an image online processing control,but it can not solve this problem.Any suggestion would be appreciatied.Thanks a lot

Hi Abigail,

I would suggest e-mailing them (sarah@imgur.com), describing the problem. You'll probably receive a quicker response.