cant login via Firefox or chrome or IE (using Facebook login)

Richard Sadler 12 years ago updated by Sarah 12 years ago 4
Ive tried for over a week now to upvote/comment, and im unable to login via chrome or firefox or even IE


Are you running any extensions with your browsers?
Are you running any extensions with your browsers?

I'm having the same problem also and I still have the issue after disabling my plugins and extensions on Firefox/Chrome/IE9.

Same issue on chrome, Facebook login isn't working for me.

I cant seem to login using facebook. After I put in the password it just stays there and doesnt load.

 Exact same thing for a few days.

Clicking Facebook-login, then I'm brought to facebook to enter credentials. After pressing "login" I am brought to a completely white page at the adress:


or without hexcode:


If I manually return to imgur or use the back-button, I am still logged out. This worked fine for me about a week ago.