Captcha is broken in Google Chrome?

Sushubh Mittal 11 years ago updated by agenbolakaki 9 years ago 0

I have a Pro account. Yet I am forced to fill the captcha multiple times a day. The problem is that sometimes the captcha does not appear. Batch uploads halt in the middle because the service requires me to prove that I am a human but the captcha popup does not appear at all. Right now is a good example. No matter which screen I use, the image does not upload. Stuck with a pending message. 

Image 23

I am on latest Chrome Beta right now. I have seen this behavior in the past on Stable and Dev builds too. As a result I moved to a desktop app (ShareX) for my uploads. I tried using the web uploader today after reading about the new enhancement (failed uploads are automatically retried) but apparently it is still broken. Image 23