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This was not a rant. But ridicule, and lessen my legitimate crticizm to 'rant', if you feel that saves you face.
Bye imgur! Bye imgur staff!
I would be more than satisfied, if image is deleted in 100 sec.
In my case, it was accessible more than 24hrs, after I had deleted it.
Maybe you were lucky.. And I was very unlucky!

Do you notice has a 'Please remove Image' request form on their web site?
What is the need for such strange request form?
Have you seen any such request form on Flickr.. Or othet photo sharing sites?
Granted, Im no veteran of hosting images, but isnt therea 'Delete' button on every photo site?
Imagine if FB had this form lol..
I am pretty sure, most people are not into filling up request forms, for sonething as simple, as deleting a pic.
Regardless, this is my last post here,
An Ex Imgur user
I give your funny reply a break! Thete's so much SO wrong with it!
It is one thing for some guy to save my pic on his hdd, and its another thing, when link to image at, that I 'deleted', is still accessible to all, who click on the link.

Have you guys at Imgur given it a thought, to do away with  Delete button,  and the delete option alltogether?
Since it does not do anything, it certainly does not delete the image, why have a Delete button at all? I mean, saves you space on page layout, AND more importantly, does not fool your member into believing he deleted an image.. As in fact image is still there, sitting pretty!
Goid bye, Imgur guy!
I wish you didnt try to defend, and find excuses to this joke of a web site!
You know its a joke, be honest, admit it, say you working on it!
But no! This is internet, afterall...
You do realize, that when I delete an image, that had uploaded to, and latet deleted , I expect that image to be deleted, as in not coming up in a browser?
You do realize that, yes?
Do you also realize, I am not asking you to come up with various scenarios, what some viewer may, or may not chose to save?
Just admit your image hosting blows, and does so HARD. 
Maybe ggl 'imgur not deleting images', and then worry what some guy may, or may not save.
Imgur is a lame joke, as far as photo sharing sites go!

I uploaded my photo, to show it to one person.. I sent him a direct link to my pic, so he wouldnt be able to see ny whole album, all of my images.
He saw my photo on Imgur, and I deleted it. 
Guess what, pasting the link to Chrome, brought up the 'deleted' image! As if I never deleted it!
Imgur is a joke! Their excuse is, the image is buffered in some cache there or there. But no! How come Flicr, Photobucket do not have this 'buffered in some server' lame excuse?
Imgur blows, plain and simple!
My pic, a sensitive, petsonal pic, was accessable to anybody, who had a link to it, if the guy chose to share my pic with his online friends, and HE DID. View counter showed high number of views.. AFTER I deleted the image, and naivly believed it to be in fact deleted, as in NOT VIEWABLE BY PUBLIC.

Imgur is a joke! And since it caused me embarrassment, a BAD JOKE!