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well i do not like it personally but the new codes meets the terms and conditions of the sites which require you to link back to the site if you hotlink an image to an external site. 

Hotlinking to any image is fine, but just keep in mind that this is a free service, so please be nice to our servers. Also, please link back to the image's page on Imgur, which is the same link as the image but without the file extension. If you abuse this privilege, then bad things will happen (see "Stuff not to do").

Now, to offer pure IMG codes to paying customers is an option that the developer could consider. 

I understand your pain. But the fact remains that the service does not recommend hotlinking images without linking back. And the IMG code with URL code sort of work for you while linking back to IMGUR. 

You can remove the URL code manually but that sort of goes against the terms and conditions of the service. IMG with URL works fine as it still loads the same image that was being loaded earlier on. 
umm. you can simply remove the .jpg part of the image and land on the image's imgur page. 

or you can use the google image search feature to search for other copies of the image on the web and potentially find out the source if it is a popular image. 
oh boy. it has been more than eight months! 

i wish he adds the select all option soon enough. 

i have pretty much given up hope. i heard mrgrim is too busy these days. 

 i find it mighty convinient actually. coz you hover your cursor over the field and press control-c. 

errm. when you upload an image to imgur, it gives you as many as six codes... including a direct link to the image.  

and the code you posted above. it does not LINK to imgur. it just mentions imgur in the alt text. 

you mean to say you want imgur share to directly link to image instead of the image's html page? 

that would not be very nice. the service is free and needs page views and clicks on ads for revenue. 

if you want to support imgur, you would link to html pages instead of images directly. 

oembed is cool. embedly is even cooler. i use embedly's free javascript code on my sites that supports imgur embedding. 
I have been a Pro user for more than a year and I recently renewed my account. Here is my experience... Might be accurate might be accidental. 

1. All images uploaded during the Pro account phase would remain accessible even if your account is now free. Your newer images would follow the 255 limit. That means newer photos would disappear from the view but pro photos would still remain accessible. 

2. IMGUR states that they would not resize your images if they are below the limits. It does however offer an option to compress on your machine first for uploading for faster uploads for Pro accounts. It also removes EXIF information from images. 

3. I had a similar problem. Had to ask a friend to pay through his PayPal account. There is no option to pay currently without creating a PayPal account (because of subscription requirements). Developer did say that he is considering adding other options like Google Checkout. 
any update on this? i am really waiting for this!