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i've been patiently waiting for two things... one a response that isn't dismissive suggesting that i have a problem, and two, this issue to be fixed. neither happened. 
here's a screenshot showing me both logged in but not logged in simultaneously. 
that my problem too? 
in general imgur is excellent. customer support, not so much. 
you don't really seem to give a damn. 
absent you demonstrating otherwise, when my year is up i'm out of here.
login issue
i love a lot about imgur, that's why i became a paying user, but the response here essentially asserting that it's a personal problem, and lack of response to my last comment, and unsatisfactory and dismissive responses on other issues, is making me begin to regret it.

i am still having to continually re-login. very annoying. if it's "not a bug" as you have declared, why is imgur the only site where i am having this issue, and why is it happening on both chrome and firefox?
i find this response very disappointing. if the problem was mine, this would be happening on all sites to which i have chosen to remain logged in. i have never had anyone suggest that i not use any add-ons in order for their site to function properly

i use both firefox and chrome. both up-to-date.

by the way, the reason i chose "bug" was because it was the closest to being descriptive.
thanks, alan, and welcome to g+

the ability to add simple frames and drop shadows within imgur would be cool too.