Your comments

 Yes that's the downside for me too. 

 But that will not work if the person is not leaving comments, will it?
is one of mine
redirecting in a way that will never complete
That does not work
Images uploaded by Hyperdesktop do not show anywhere
Thank you, but it's not on the screen any more.  (??)
Thank you for the reply but I'm afraid  don't know what you mean by 'the Imgur backend' .
I do have an account.
These images would have to be private, at least for a time. They would be under embargo at the time of upload and for a few weeks afterwards, so mailing is not really an option.
I do agree.  Doubt any notice will be taken though. Like Hyperdesktop not working.   Shame. imgur was great.
I meant some sites won't allow the url=http//imgur bit around the [IMG] code and will remove your pictures.  You need to delete it so that it just begins [IMG] and ends [/IMG] as we had before.  It is a pain though.

Actually it is there, [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] but it links back to imgur.  Some sites will not allow that e.g. ebay.

How is it hotlinking when they are our own images on a host site?  I just tried a selective screencap (the long way since Hyperdesktop doesn't work now) and there's no IMG code for message boards.  All image hosting sites give that.