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I just wanted to post here to see if there is there any way that we can get an option to block users. While 99% of the people are Imgur are awesome, there's always those few people in every group that are only there to try to make everyone else miserable. A perfect example of this is someone who made a new account today with the sole purpose of mimicking and annoying another user (as is stated in their profile comment). And now anyone who suggests that he calms down becomes a focus for his childishness as he adds their names to his profile "rant" and goes out of his way to find and reply to comments made by those people. Having my notifications spammed by someone screaming in all caps lock isn't my idea of fun.

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Yeah This freak of a dude keeps posting NSFW pics on each submitted image

This could be a really useful function.  Almost every other place has it, and sometimes, just ignoring them doesn't stop you from getting spammed with their hate mail daily, just because they don't agree with something you said.
Yeah..still no block user option profile page..May 2014 :/ I would like to block one baboon,but not possible it seems..even on own profile page's settings there is a box at bottom left: Blocked users. So wonder why that's there if u can't block anyone :o

Friendly regards: Terry
Imgur appears to have moved on to a new support platform hosted at help.imgur.com. You might want to post these requests there now. I have posted mine. 

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