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This HoF list lets other users read the high quality captions at a centralized location, assuming good writers are more likely to produce good writings. The opt out would defeat the purpose of the feature when the statistics are filtered. The votes are contributed by numerous users, the hall-of-famers list basically reflect the votes results. You own the captions you wrote, but you don't own the votes. It does not make sense to have an election and then withhold the results. If the caption writers don't want other users to vote on their captions, they can pull themselves out of the voting process by deleting the captions once they've reached hall-of-famer status. Besides, if you don't want people to read your captions, why would you post them in the first place?

It would be nice if we can list the caption contributors by their Caption Karma, so that the contributors who score the most will be on the top of the list. Assuming a high overall score means all his/her captions are worth reading. If divide the total score by the number of captions written, we can tell the quality of the captions from each particular contributor.

As of today (3 weeks after the bug was reported), the symptom is the same. You probably marked it fixed due to misunderstanding of the problem.
I'd like to report a bug.  On the Past tab, the >> and << button both move the day in the same direction.
Thank you! That is exactly what I needed.
It would be nice to detect any duplicates and automatically bring the old posting back to the top. If someone found an old posting interesting, it may be worth revisiting. At the same time, the original poster gets the credits for bringing it up weeks or even years before.  Reposting is not a crime, but treating it as new is.
Thanks for sharing this secret trick.

Does p stand for page? Since the bottom of the page always grow when you scroll down, then how do you define a page? Is there a correlation to number of days or weeks?  I ask because I'd like to know what ball park number to use if I want to go back say 60 days.

When I put p=200, and then scroll to the bottom, it keeps going and going to append more to the bottom.  Apparently, there are more beyond 200. Why limit to 200?

The gallery has a choice of HOT TOP or NEW. does the p= option work for all three modes?