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I guess you can close this ticket. I cannot seem to replicate this error. Thing just fixes itself in a couple of hours I guess. Must be a cache problem at my end. 
Yeap. I am waiting for an alternative payment option too. Google Checkout is what I would prefer though it would still require a credit card. 
Ok. Weird. Now it seems to work in guest mode. I would have to look into it again!
Almost all browser today have a private browsing mode which is what I use. 

Plus you can upload an image and then hide it from your account which works too.

ok try this. 


first album named TEST. it is now public. but opening it:

shows a 404.  

i created this album privately. added photos to it. then made it public. and embedding does not work. opening the album in logged out state also does not work. 

in case you are not trolling...

load http://imgur.com/

click on computer. 

select image/images.

press start upload. 

This actually works if you create an account and upload images from your dashboard. 
he has now removed the link code from the BBCODE option based on user feedback! 
Looks like it is back already. 
EXIF information is removed from images uploaded to the server. Largely because the images are essentially public in nature and it is not designed to be an alternative to services like Flickr or 500px or SmugMug. :)