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i believe he is talking about individual images. this is applicable for free accounts. i have seen a couple of my images from the free account era disappear due to lack of views from not so popular forum posts. i have been using pro for the last year and would probably renew because i use imgur extensively these days. 
i think he is working on a favorites feature similar to flickr that would let you collect images.
Could be useful to folks who are using Imgur as a potential replacement of Flickr which has Collections functionality.
when you upload an image, imgur gives you a special link that can be used to delete that image.

images that you upload from a logged in account can be removed manually.
The images appear fine at my end. The thumbnails do not.
here is what i think... google would give preference to images that are stored on the domain itself.

any outsourced image is treated as a possible ad block or an irrelevant material so is hidden from the instant preview.
haha thanks! also consider the inverse selection option! :P
Flickr offers this feature to paying customers. But I think it can cause more trouble. A prankster can host a regular image and share it through Reddit and other social networks. If the image becomes popular, he can easily swap it for a nasty one. Imgur is not like Flickr. It remains a public image sharing service even though you can store images privately. Images are not shown with their owner's name so it is hard to see if a shared IMGUR image is for someone's own private use only.
The two products I would recommend are:

Microsoft Security Essentials (if you can install it on your machine!)
Panda Cloud Antivirus

Both are free and provide solid protection!
i actually have been facing a similar bug in the dev channel edition of chrome. i am not really redirected but a couple of images are simply not uploaded. as a result i am sticking with firefox for uploads. i believe the flash player bundled with chrome is the problem area here.

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