Allow viewers to change album style

ScionoftheShrub 13 år siden opdateret af Dona Arshita 9 år siden 1
Hey! Thanks for a really great, usable image host. For daily needs, I infinitely prefer imgur over all the alternatives!

I have a request, though. Often, when I'm viewing an album of images, I like to save them to my computer. Since I use the DownThemAll Firefox extension, which makes things really easy if they're all on one page, when uploaders choose the "Blog Layout" album style, I can download them really easily. Unfortunately, if the uploader chooses another album style, I can't do this.

An option for viewers to change the layout of albums they are viewing would be much appreciated. Uploaders could still specify a layout preference that would be loaded by default, but viewers could select from vertical, horizontal, grid, and blog layouts if they preferred a different style.

I found a workaround. Though it takes some effort, it could save repeated clicks:
  1. When viewing an album that is not in blog layout, click the Browse button on top right (near the prev and next buttons).
  2. When you see the square thumbnails of all the images, select all the thumbnails by dragging (as though you're selecting text).
  3. Right-click > DownThemAll selection.
  4. On the "Pictures and Media" tab, select all the images (from the album).
  5. Right-click > "Check selected items" if they aren't checked already.
  6. Click "Add Paused". (Don't click Start because you don't want to download these.)
  7. In the main DownThemAll window, select all the paused downloads you just added.
  8. Right-click > Advanced > "Export selected to file".
  9. Choose file type as "Text files" and save to a file. (You can save as Metalink or HTML as well, the procedure is still the same.)
  10. Remove all the paused downloads that you just exported.
  11. Open the text (or Metalink/HTML) file in Notepad.
  12. Find and replace all instances of "s.jpg" with ".jpg" (no quotes!). Save the changes.
  13. For text/metalink: Right-click anywhere in DownThemAll > Advanced > Import from file. You know what to do from there.
  14. For HTML: Open the file in Firefox and download all the links with DownThemAll as you normally do. (Avoid the link at the end that goes to DownThemAll homepage though.)

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