Typing over 140 chars now limited, please revert Jeremy Comer

Jeremy Comer 9 år siden 0
Hey Imgur

I know we've never been able to submit more than 140char comments, but we could type past that limit and then edit the comment to fit. But as of a few hours ago I've noticed that when you hit 140 chars text entry is blocked.

This is really annoying! Being able to write what you thought and then edit it to fit was a really nice feature. It's much easier to edit a sentence when you've written the whole thing (reword a few things, replace "and"s with & etc). But now you have to edit while in the process of trying to write it.

I don't think this is a bug (although you guys do seem to be having some issues right now, comments in gallery profile not loading, comment points not updating), it feels more like an intentional change. So Please, pretty please with a small kitten on top, can you revert the text entry of comments back to how it was.


ps (since around the time of the code breaker challenge, I can't leave imgur open in Chromium browser as it start using aroung 40% CPU. Firefox is fine though, but I have other FF issues that I'll report later if I have time).

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