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just wanted to say something here. facebook is the world's largest picture site. not public but still. Flickr is nothing when compared to Facebook :D 

but a second AMA from Alan would be nice. 
i support this of course. but the fact remains openid has been made irrelevant with all the other services which are much more popular. 
if possible, it would be awesome. a lot of folks use imgur for screencaps and saving them and then uploading them makes very little sense if it can be made to work like suggested in modern browsers. a lot of people have already switched to firefox and chrome. 
this should be possible at least in browsers like chrome. you can do it in gmail (in chrome) right now. 
i face the same problem on facebook often. 

i use a dirty trick. press the end key and then escape. 
I wonder if the developer can cook something up that is HTML5 compatible. I mean almost all slideshows are Adobe Flash based. 
righto. i can confirm. if you are logged in... any image uploaded from the homepage AND using the extensions are saved in your account. 

Ok. Sort of confused. You can use the URL Upload method from the homepage of the service in any case... I have an account and it works fine for me. 

From what I see, the backend section of accounts do not offer a tool for URL uploading. 

Tip. You can install a browser extension to easily upload images from any website. I use one on Chrome and it works very nicely. 

for permanent storage, a paid account would be a better option. (you might want to check out zooomr). 
i believe only popular images that becomes part of the gallery have commenting feature right now.