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just uploaded two images and deleted them. they were deleted just fine. over and out. you can continue to rant here for your own pleasure.

here is another image link for you. i would delete it after a few minutes. check back later today. 
Uploaded an image:
Deleted it. 
Took Imgur less than 100 seconds to remove it for me. 
You do realize that when you share an image with someone, he can store a copy of it with himself? He does not even to access your Imgur link anymore. 
Please post here:
I am not sure if Imgur folks are monitoring this channel these days. 
Right. Twitter is converting Animated GIFs to MP4 to make them work better on all platforms. Animated GIFs are painful to view on mobile devices. I wish Imgur and Google+ also switch to converting them to videos formats that have hardware acceleration. Embedly did a blog post on why Twitter's implementation is a good idea:

PS: Imgur Support has moved to so you might want to put this request there. 
I complain about this every year. Every year I end up using my friend's PayPal account. By the way, Imgur has apparently stopped using this platform. You should be complaining here now:
Imgur appears to have moved on to a new support platform hosted at You might want to post these requests there now. I have posted mine. 
In current version of Imgur, this cannot be done. You can try directly emailing them and Sarah might be able to help. But it's not possible by us the users. 

Just going to state the facts here. Imgur has moved from being an image hosting service to an image sharing service. It is not aiming to take on Flickr or Picasa for personal photo storage. It has become a social platform focused on image sharing. We have seen few improvements for members using it as it as an image storage platform for a long time now. The entire development process is focused on the social component of the service.

I would however recommend an app named ShareX here. It has a feature named Watch Folder. You can set it to automatically upload any new photo added to specific folders to your Imgur account. It’s not perfect but it works for me. Cheers!