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SVG support?

Nate2 fa 13 anys updated by seo blas fa 9 anys 15
Are there any plans to support SVG files?
There are no plans yet, but if this gets upvoted enough then maybe there will be :)

Thank you

cece fa 13 anys updated by operator2 AgaricPro fa 9 anys 3
I don't know why anyone else hasn't given this message back, but you really deserve it. Sinse the day I first used imgur, it has become a part om my daily life. Your work is awesome.

/year subscriber/
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Copy pasta...

Perb123 fa 13 anys updated by seo blas fa 9 anys 12
I have no idea if this is possible but I would love a function that lets you upload an image by just pasting it without saving it locally first.

Madness seen on the Internets --> Printscreen --> Imgur --> Ctrl-V --> Done.
It looks like this is possible with some new HTML5 features. If enough people ask for it here, then you'll have it!


Xarc fa 13 anys updated by Kangenwater Spray fa 9 anys 10
I want to download all my albums and pictures converted into folders with pictures in one zip, gzip format.
it is possible to do this ?

There really should be a 'download album' option.

breezy fa 13 anys updated by Kangenwater Spray fa 9 anys 2
I've recently had to restore my computer and would like for my photos to be back on my computer - any possible chance there will be an option like that soon? 

Hash-check to end duplicates

cece fa 13 anys updated by operator2 AgaricPro fa 9 anys 4
Get md5 or something to check if there is duplicates; on your account and / or on the whole site. At times the site manages to load the same image 10 times, and takes forever to delete again.

Sort Favorites into categories or albums

Lambda fa 10 anys updated by Kangenwater Spray fa 9 anys 0
Right now, if you go to "Favorites" it shows you all images you had favorited over the time.
Now I want to categorize these favorites for example some images goes into the category/album/folder/... "funny", some into "pretty girls", or maybe some into "incredible places"...something like that.
Under review

Images not loading

leavesoflorien fa 13 anys updated by Matt G. fa 9 anys 20

 The past couple days my browser has been unable to load imgur images. How do I fix this? Any time I click a link from reddit, imgur stalls out and the image doesn't load.


It sounds like your computer is having a hard time resolving the i.imgur.com domain. Can you try changing your DNS settings to use either Google's Public DNS, or Open DNS? More information on that can be found here: http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/ and https://store.opendns.com/get/basic


Please make an option to save images to "favorites" or something similar for viewing at a later date.

elliotness fa 13 anys updated by Kangenwater Spray fa 9 anys 3
This is the one feature that is holding me back from using imgur instead of flickr
Yes, absolutely. I have a lot of plans for this one, and it's going to be released right after http://imgur.userecho.com/feedback/19227-embed-code-generator-for-multiple-images/. There isn't really an ETA on it, but it should be released this month.

Multi-level albums

codedaemon fa 13 anys updated by Kangenwater Spray fa 9 anys 3
I want have root album 'Trips' and many sub-albums in it.

---[India 23.05.2009]
---[Berlin 10.08.2010]
and e.t.c

Please, unblock leprosorium.ru site.

crea7or fa 12 anys updated by Kangenwater Spray fa 9 anys 9

Images hosted at imgur do not work while the refferer is leprosorium.ru. Please, unblock it.

Sarah fa 12 anys

Sorry, this site has been blocked because we found images being hotlinked that broke our terms of service. Our CEO has decided not to unblock it. 


relocate the mobile button

Gazona fa 11 anys updated by Renu Singh fa 9 anys 4
Hello, as I am browsing alot on my phone, imgur had always been on mobile settings. Just some time ago it went from mobile to normal
I tried switching back but failed m.imgur.com just put me back to imgur, so i started looking for the mobile button after searching i found it on yhe button of the page, i found out that this the most annoying place every, as soon as you see it. It loads either for me more pictures or comments and if you try to be fast and click and usually end up on a different picture, this fighting for mobile settings is everything but fun
I would like to ask for you guys to move it to a more static place

Thank you for reading
Under review

Downvote Fairies

Itsgoodtobetheking fa 12 anys updated by Kangenwater Spray fa 9 anys 5
First of all, thank you for Imgur. I feel like i have finally found my family. that being said, every family has a drunken uncle or two, and here they take the form of downvote fairies. It seems that in the mad dash for top comment some people have found that downvoting every comment around them can keep theirs high on the list and visible. Two possible solutions that i have seen:

1) Make each downvote "cost" points from your accumulated reserve (though some people might try to get around this by un-downvoting comments after theirs is clearly a runaway lead)
2) Make total upvotes/downvotes given from each user visible on their profile. that would make it easy to differentiate between a person who occasionally downvotes a bad idea from someone who downvotes competitively.

That being said, I love Imgur. These are just suggestions. keep doin' what you are doin'.

Imgur needs a button for "download album as ZIP" please :)

Lois B fa 13 anys updated by Kangenwater Spray fa 9 anys 4

Add the Google +1 sharing button

Sushubh fa 13 anys updated by Kangenwater Spray fa 9 anys 5
I guess you would customize it to match the outlook of existing buttons. And that could take a while! 

Audio from Ads

Stephen Tordoff fa 13 anys updated by Kangenwater Spray fa 9 anys 7
I just had an ad start playing audio without my permission (I was on another tab at the time). This is not cool - fix it please!

I was Scholl (spelling?) cracked heels ad.
Thanks so much for reporting this to me. Audio ads are definetily not something we want on the site, and the offending ad network has been disabled. Please let me know if you ever encounter something like this again.

I <3 what your doing around here ,

Lewzor fa 13 anys updated by Kangenwater Spray fa 9 anys 1
I love what your doing around here lately for sure , thumbs way up, Nicest image hosting site around :) keep up the great work.

After hiding an image, I can't delete, unhide, ..

Jan Willem fa 13 anys updated by Kangenwater Spray fa 9 anys 33
After hiding an image, it just disappears from my gallery (obviously).  However, it would be nice to be able to undo this action, or to be able to delete it after hiding, or perhaps even unhiding.
You can't. It says "permanently hide this image". It totally removes it from your account.

Offer domain mapping feature like bit.ly pro

Sushubh fa 13 anys updated by Alan Schaaf (Founder) fa 11 anys 2
The basic idea is to make the images appear like they are hosted on our domains. 

This can be made a Pro only feature! 
That's an awesome idea! I'll see what I can do.

Add a widget or something to show your album at another site

thor fa 13 anys updated by Johanes Gultom fa 9 anys 9
Like a slideshow feature too like Flickr has, that'd be cool!!
Done. You can now embed albums.

Please allow individual captioning of images

Kevin Parry fa 13 anys updated by Susanna Moore fa 9 anys 1
It would be great to be able to add a few lines of image caption to be part of the image's metadata so that when press download my images the caption is included.

Helping Hurts

Andrew Pennebaker fa 13 anys updated by Dona Arshita fa 9 anys 4
In some browsers (e.g. Chrome), it's really hard to get the direct URL of submitted Imgur images.

Intuitively, I should be able to click in the text field containing the direct URL, highlight it, and either right-click and select Copy or press Control-C, Alt-C, or Command-C, depending on the operating system.

Imgur tries to help by automatically highlighting and copying the URL to the clipboard when a user clicks the text field. However, when some browsers evaluate the JavaScript code that does this, they fail to actually copy the URL to the clipboard. Since this fails silently, users may end up pasting the wrong URL somewhere else. The original URL can be irretrievably lost.

The automatic highlighting and copying prevents users from manually copying the URL. This hurts Chrome users among others. Worse, this behavior punishes users for their assumption that Imgur works like any other HTML page.

Web 2 is fine, but a Web 2 page should gracefully downgrade to Web 1 behavior. That's a practical example, here's the theory.

Apple Human Interface Guidelines

P.S. The "Sign in with" pop-ups for submitting feedback don't always work in Chrome.

Reporting users

♫tygirltaco♪ fa 12 anys 0

I know that there is a way to report individual comments, but is it possible to report entire users? Besides posting their name here like I've seen? I've noticed quite a few spammers lately and I just thought it might be easier than going through and reporting each of their individual comments.

I've been told that the ability to individually report posts is better because it allows just the bad posts to be reported and removed, as well as keeping from potential abuse of people getting reported willy-nilly. But if a sort of, perhaps more time consuming or indirect method could be established, I think it would be very helpful when it comes to users who are being used purely for posting spam. For instance something where you have to post a reason for the report and maybe a link to at least 3 or so instances that proves a need for it? I don't know something along that line.

I know you guys are working hard to keep imgur a great place and I love and appreciate everything you do. This is a wonderful site. Just a small suggestion to help keep the community clean and fun.


Support login with OpenID

Stephen Judge fa 13 anys actualitzat fa 13 anys 2
Not all of us like our online identities being managed by the big networks. Give your users complete control of our identities and allow us to sign up and login with OpenID.

Allow viewers to change album style

ScionoftheShrub fa 13 anys updated by Dona Arshita fa 9 anys 1
Hey! Thanks for a really great, usable image host. For daily needs, I infinitely prefer imgur over all the alternatives!

I have a request, though. Often, when I'm viewing an album of images, I like to save them to my computer. Since I use the DownThemAll Firefox extension, which makes things really easy if they're all on one page, when uploaders choose the "Blog Layout" album style, I can download them really easily. Unfortunately, if the uploader chooses another album style, I can't do this.

An option for viewers to change the layout of albums they are viewing would be much appreciated. Uploaders could still specify a layout preference that would be loaded by default, but viewers could select from vertical, horizontal, grid, and blog layouts if they preferred a different style.


add support for google webp format?

Sushubh fa 13 anys updated by Alan Schaaf (Founder) fa 11 anys 3
agreed it is not supported by internet explorer or firefox. 

but well... what the heck. be the first image sharing service to support it? 

imagemagick has already added support for it. not sure if it is relevant here! 
This is a little hard right now because nothing seems to be able to detect the mime type, since it's so new. I'll see what I can do though.

security error

Trevor Kidwell fa 11 anys updated by Andrew Y fa 11 anys 4

Keep getting "Upload failed. -230 Security Error"

HAve tried uploading with multiple browsers, no extensions, different pictures, nothing works. 

There will be! I'm currently working on a favorites feature that will save other people images into a special section of you account. You'll be able to do everything you can with these images that you can do with you own, except delete of edit them of course. This includes adding them to albums.

make twitter show your pictures natively in their interface.

Timo fa 13 anys updated by Alan Schaaf (Founder) fa 13 anys 1
I know this sounds counterintuitive for your throughclicks ratio, but please try it out a few weeks. You never know what will happen.
We're currently working with Twitter on this. It's all on them to build this feature, but things are looking promising.

UPDATE: Twitter has straight up told us NO. We even had lunch with a guy who was supposedly in charge of it and he said that there will be no more sites added to their interface. I don't think they realize how big of a mistake that is.
Under review

block users

Bishy Bish fa 12 anys updated by Dona Arshita fa 9 anys 6

I just wanted to post here to see if there is there any way that we can get an option to block users. While 99% of the people are Imgur are awesome, there's always those few people in every group that are only there to try to make everyone else miserable. A perfect example of this is someone who made a new account today with the sole purpose of mimicking and annoying another user (as is stated in their profile comment). And now anyone who suggests that he calms down becomes a focus for his childishness as he adds their names to his profile "rant" and goes out of his way to find and reply to comments made by those people. Having my notifications spammed by someone screaming in all caps lock isn't my idea of fun.


Link to the top referrer

sirphilip fa 13 anys updated by Alan Schaaf (Founder) fa 13 anys 1
It would be cool to have a link to whatever page is referring the most hits. That way we could see the reddit thread assosiated with an image if we are browsing on imgur.
More in-depth stats are planned, and there will probably be links to the top 5 referrers. However, there are some other things ahead of it right now so it could be a few months down the road.

Slow upload speed

Maciej Kuśnierz fa 12 anys updated by Kangenwater Spray fa 9 anys 0
Now when uploading images that green bar goes to 100% in 2 seconds (4MB picture on 100Mbps Up/Down connection) and then it is stuck it that position for 1 minute before it goes to upload next picture. This is really annoying.

I can't see many of my uploaded images!

Ida Karoline Hagen fa 13 anys updated by Kangenwater Spray fa 9 anys 2
I can't see many of images uploaded to imgur now. :(

There are some issues with people not being able to load images, specifically in Europe and The Netherlands. I've contacted Edgecast (the network used to display the images) and they're aware of what's happening and are working to get it fixed.

Sorry for the trouble, but it looks like things are out of my hands at this point. However, Edgecast is usually really on top of things, so I expect this should be resolved soon.


Add an "edit" button to comments

Cyclone fa 12 anys updated by Rupiah KiuKiu fa 9 anys 0

It's really quite simple. If within the first hour of posting a comment (no point in revising by then) you wish to revise your comment, you can. However, comments which have been edited are clearly, and I cannot stress this enough, marked as edited and all replies are marked as being towards an earlier revision. Perhaps allow only a single edit on the comment. If you're worried about people changing the content of their comment after it's become popular, allow like five letters of difference maximum, enough to correct minor spelling errors (swapping letters, forgot a letter, etc.) This can be implemented simply, but it has to be in a way that doesn't allow for ambiguity on whether or not a comment has been edited.


Unable to use back button

Ed Kolis fa 12 anys updated by Sarah fa 12 anys 6
Starting yesterday, I've been frequently unable to use my browser's back button to return to where I came from while using imgur. I'm using Google Chrome 18 on Windows 7. I suspect the problem has something to do with ads, as the status bar shows ad URL's when I click back.

enable cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)

Forrest Oliphant fa 12 anys updated by Kangenwater Spray fa 9 anys 10
I made this web app (Meemoo webcam to stop-motion gif) that has imgur uploading with CORS/jQuery (yay!).

Now it would be cool to enable CORS on the server so that my app could load imgur images into the html5 canvas, modify them, and make new images. The future! http://enable-cors.org/

Paste this into Meemoo's source and you'll see the security error from context.getImageData() in the console:

{"info":{"title":"no imgur cors","author":"forresto","description":"c'mon imgur"},"nodes":[{"src":"http://forresto.github.com/meemoo-modules/img2canvas.html","x":140,"y":73,"z":0,"w":330,"h":281,"state":{"dataurl":"http://i.imgur.com/Nlc35.gif"},"id":0}],"edges":[]}

WebM/MP4 Uploading

Tristan fa 9 anys updated by Kangenwater Spray fa 9 anys 0
Since Imgur now supports WebM and MP4 formats, why can't we upload these directly? I do a lot of "GIF" editing in video editors, and I have to jump through several conversions and lose quality thanks to GIFiffication because I need to upload as a GIF, despite the fact that the image will end up as a WebM anyway.
There was an outage with Imgur's delivery network (Edgecast). It affected other big sites like LinkedIn and Wordpress too. Everything is fixed now with it.
Under review

Search for people by username. Does that feature exist already?

Amber Sarno fa 12 anys updated by Sarah fa 12 anys 0
A clever comment stuck in my head, and I remembered the username, but not the photo they commented on, so I couldn't find them again.  I looked, but couldn't find a feature which allowed me to search for people by their username.
Sarah fa 12 anys
Does not currently exist. 

Memory usage

Bryant Drake fa 12 anys updated by Kangenwater Spray fa 9 anys 1

There seems to be an issue with how the pages are loaded. Using arrow scrolling the memory usage becomes very high until the OS starts freaking out about memory management and stuff. Same issue with firefox as well as chrome.


Select All option for selection of multiple images!

Sushubh fa 13 anys updated by Kangenwater Spray fa 9 anys 2
The new backend is pretty awesome. The only thing missing is the Select All button that can be shown for functions like delete/edit/code generate. Please consider this!
Thanks for another excellent suggestion, Sushubh. I have plans for this, as well as a "Deselect All" link.

Change of Caption in Gallery submitted picture.

Vera Hafstrøm Fandrup fa 11 anys updated by Ngakali Gugel fa 9 anys 0

I have submitted an image to the gallery and now i wish to change the caption of it. I have tried changing it under "change caption/description" when clicking on the image in "my images". It says that the caption is now updated - but when i go to the image in the gallery, its still the old one? how do I change it? 

And another question - how come it is not possible to view the description on the submitted image?


Autmatic image titles from filenames

Maciej Kuśnierz fa 12 anys 0
Can you add option to create image titles from image file names?

Can't comment

Molly Goodspeed fa 11 anys updated by kirana paramitha fa 9 anys 0

Imgur won't save my comments, no matter how many times I resubmit them or reload the page, they never go through, and I never see them again. Half the fun of the website is leaving comments, and I haven't been able to since I got an account! Is it because I'm using an ipad??



Tara Freelander fa 12 anys updated by Sarah fa 12 anys 0
these past few days imgur has been down for maintenance frequently and for long periods of time. I just wanted to let you know that, it makes me want to cry for the rest of my life and burn cities to the ground. I miss imgur :(
Sarah fa 12 anys
Please don't cry :(

Statistics and information

cece fa 13 anys updated by Alan Schaaf (Founder) fa 13 anys 1
For each gallery and image there would be nice with some statistics. How many viewers and traffic each day etc. for galleries and images. Refere links would be nice too.

Don't know what more to add right now.
I just release the account statistics page that should help with this. You can find it by hovering over your username when you're signed in.
Under review

User Ranking System

Cyclone fa 12 anys updated by Sarah fa 12 anys 0
A way to see user rankings would sure be nice, I'd love to see how I rank (reputation-wise) compared to other users.
Sarah fa 12 anys
I will add it to the list.

Blur option

dan2020 fa 13 anys updated by andorem fa 9 anys 2
I would like the option to select a rectangular area in the image editor, and blur it. This way I could easily blur faces and car license plates when I edit my uploaded photos.
Imgur uses Aviary for the advanced editing. If it doesn't have a blur option then there's nothing I can do :( However, there's a rectangle option, so you could just black it out instead.

Broken Links

J Street fa 13 anys updated by anonymous fa 9 anys 10
Like 99% of the images I am trying to upload today have broken links that give me a 502 error message.

I can upload and edit the pictures fine, but when I get to the final screen almost all of the link are broken.
After some research and probing, it appears that the problem was isolated to one of Voxel's DNS recursors. This issue has been solved and all links should be working again.
Under review

Slideshow feature when browsing the main gallery

Jonathan Klinkby Jørgensen fa 12 anys updated by Ngakali Gugel fa 9 anys 4
Sometimes I'm just too lazy to click next when I'm browsing all the top pictures of the day and it would be totally awesome with a slideshow feature.

I read that ones own albums have the option to enable slideshows.
 so it shouldn't be too hard to add it to the frontpage.